Audit of Household Goods Invoices

Invoice Auditing


  • Insure that zip codes are applied correctly
  • Review all weight tickets and inventories to insure proper weights being charged
  • Make sure third party authorization are attached with charges; if not search or have vendor get authorization from third party provider. Make sure third party service charges agree with authorized costs
  • Look to make sure that bulky articles, shuttles are not excessive
  • Make sure IRR and fuel related surcharges are not excessive
  • Insure rebate program is being applied correctly
  • Insure addendum to contract are being followed
  • International

  • Insure that proper city tariff rates are being applied
  • Validate weight/volume being charged falls within industry standards (Review inventory)
  • If work is being performed in cities were no tariff structure exists we compare pricing received from contracted providers to that market. If pricing is not competitive we ask the carriers to generate a new invoice to reflect market rates
  • Make sure when applicable breakpoints favor client
  • Insure currency conversions are not being abused
  • Make sure providers in EMEA and Asia Pacific do not abuse conversion of volume measurements (cubic meters, cubic feet) into weight (no scales in these regions)
  • Compare rated OBL and AWB to make sure are competitive to the contract and market
  • No abuse of Lift Van charges (i.e. gross weight vs. net weight)