What we do

Numerous relocation management firms provide companies with a smooth transition for employee relocation. However, with the changing demands of today’s global environment, often these management companies rely on outsourcing of many of their services. How then, do you guarantee a smooth transition for your employees, while at the same time maintain optimal service levels and minimize your costs? By having Fisher & Son watch over you.

As your advocate, we watch out for your company’s best interests with excellence, integrity, professionalism, and dedication. To compete in the global environment, companies must consider cost as a driving factor of how the benefits policies are constructed, yet, quality must remain an overreaching goal of a company. We streamline your relocation policy and procedures to maximize efficiency and contain costs, while enabling you to provide quality benefits to your employees.

How we do it

We deliver customized services in an environment which supports creative thinking, quick response time, unparalleled customer service. We ensure that the suppliers with whom you deal—the movers, the real estate agents, lawyers, appraisers—all work within parameters that are the most cost-efficient to your company. Through our extensive evaluation we identify key challenges and recommend solutions that apply the best practices and methods.

Our services encompass:

  • Analyze company’s current procedures, policies, and contracts
  • Evaluate cost-efficiency versus employee benefits
  • Develop employee satisfaction survey for recent transferees
  • Analyze relocation services used by transferees versus those available
  • Develop request for proposal (RFP) to compare service providers’ costs vs. services
  • Manage the RFP process
  • Negotiate with selected service providers for favorable terms and conditions
  • Create agreements/contracts with service providers that demonstrate improved service and reflect cost savings
  • Create revenue sharing programs with service providers
  • Create “exception” reports to measure the effect of policy exceptions on relocation budgets
  • Train hiring managers to introduce the relocation program and policy benefits
  • Monitor contracts and services to ensure correct pricing and compliance
  • Manage complete relocation program or optional components: financial management of the household goods movement, carrier selection, move coordination, loss/damage, claims assistance, invoice audit and payment processing, etc