Audit of Household Goods Invoices

Invoice Processing

  • Collate invoices to template
  • Check to insure spelling is correct between template and invoices
  • Check template to make sure invoice information conforms to the template (SAP Codes, 3rd party file number and any other client charge codes) if missing retrieve from 3rd party provider
  • Credit note reviews (especially on perm storage and weight verification)
  • Insurance claims
    • Back out weights and make sure declared value is accurate (back up documentation on mold mediation)
    • Confirm authorization and acceptance from 3rd party provider on claim amount
  • Photo copy all invoices
  • Fedex originals to Client and e mail templates; Fedex photo copies of invoices to third party provider for gross up (These procedures can be adopted to clients needs)
  • Insure that our audit meets clients SOX compliance standards